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We not only support you with your accounting books, but also help you with enforcements, with the organisation of your documents, in general administration work or with redeployments in your company. In order to support you with your ideas and answering your questions, please contact us anytime.


  • Financial accounting – either at your office or at ours

  • Sub-ledgers (receivables, payables-, payroll)

  • VAT settlements

  • Monthly, quarterly an annual financial reports

  • Ratio and performance analysis

  • Continous liquidity control





With our large knowledge in the Swiss tax law, we are able to find the best possible solution for you personally and your company. We are specialised in the cantonal tax laws of Zurich and Aargau, but we are also able to consult you for other cantons as well as double taxation agreements.


  • Tax returns for individuals and SME‘s

  • Tax objections and tax appeals as well as representing you to tax offices

  • Tax consultancy, tax planning and optimisation

  • VAT and source taxes





Whether you have a nanny or a workforce of 20 employees and are in need of some help regarding social security insurances, we can support you and cover all necessary steps in order that you as an employer follow all compulsory regulations. Services include:


  • Regular payrolling
  • Declarations of all social security insurances
  • Declaration of source taxes
  • Work contracts, employee regulations, reference letters
  • Consultancy in labor law
  • Salary certificates





The tap is dripping, the annual meeting of the commonhold ownership is coming closer - we can support you with our experience and knowledge in all questions relating to property purchases, financing, renting and living.


  • Property administration

  • Rental and selling of property

  • Monitoring of building projects





We can offer spontaneously our help if you require a temporary employee in your company. We will cover your accounting or payroll department and take over some general administration work. This way you will be able to focus on finding the best long term solution for your company. Please feel free to contact us for a non-binding offer.





Our path of life is changing constantly; whether because of the birth of your child, getting married, becoming self-employed, buying your property or someone has passed away – each situation may require a lot of administration, and many things may need to be managed and organised.  We offer:


  • Consultancy in finding the best corporate form
  • Accompaniment in opening, changing or closure of all types of company forms
  • Finalizing the last tax return and other administration work of a passed away person
  • Preparation and representing you if you are leaving Switzerland for good